we boast a unique selection of local and international wine, and we celebrate local and high quality ingredients!


You can say we’re unoaked – zesty and a little tart with a full bouquet of charm, wit, and sass. We’re calling it a full-bodied experience. Christine, the homegrown Hamilton girl, with a passion and knowledge for wine and Sara, a seasoned Hamilton cheerleader, with a love for cooking, pickling and celebrating! 

We’ve been working side by side for years – becoming great friends and even better-working pals. We finally decided to grow some legs and say “Heck yeah, Hamilton needs a wine bar” And SO, an idea was born! 

It’s been a pleasure taking a raw idea and watching it age and mature into Toast Wine Bar. Whether you’re looking for something subtle, velvety, or robust – we’ll have a glass waiting for you. To private reserve aficionados, brut lovers, and chardonnay junkies — here’s to you!

join us soon for great food and fine wine!